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Voiture Locale 265

Newsletter Jul-Sep 2005

Installation of Officers July 2005
Promenade Schedule 2005-2006
Newsletter Jul-Sep 2005
October-December Newsletter
Newsletter Jan-Mar 2006
Nurses' Training Fund Raiser report

Chef de Gare’s Corner

Fellow Voyageurs Militaire,


     Thanks to all of you that paid, we had a very good year as far as I am concerned. We did lose a few members who were disgruntled, and I can only say thank you for staying as long as you did.


     We all know that our membership year is almost up and our new year will be starting very shortly. For all the ones that stayed with us, a deep heart felt     THANK YOU    . I would like some input from anyone on ideas how we can succeed even better. Our Voiture has a lot of great people in it, and I am proud to be a part of it.


     A point about having the women veterans become part of us: Let me just say that I will not give up until I know that the right thing is done. I have spoken to a lot of different people on this, and until we can get the power click in National to go with this, I will continue to fight. So the stronger we stay together, the more noise we can make. I don't know what is worse at this time, fighting with our State Senators on the flag bill, or the above situation.


     To each and every person who reads our newsletter, God bless, and please have a safe summer.


Jim Wilson

Chef de Gare



Cabane 265 Notes

  We had out election of officers for Cabane 265 at our May Rendezvous and will have a joint installation with VL-265 on July 30.

    The Cabane furnished deserts at a Sucessful Nurses Training dinner held by XL-265 at Oxon Hill Post 248.

     We have made the following donation:

            $35 – Box Car

            $20 – Child Welfare

            $25 – Nurses Training

    Our fundraiser for the year is a beautiful hand crocheted afghan which will be raffled off in August. The proceeds will be going to our programs.

Laurette O’Connor


Correspondant’s Notes:

2005-2006 Officers

Chef de Gare                         Jim Wilson

Chef de Train                        Dick Eldredge

Conducteur                           John Daley

Commissar Intendant          James Short

Historien                                Dave Collins

Avocat                                   Cal Patton

Guarde de La Porte              Victor Jakubowski

Lampiste                                Levelle   Ferrell

Amonier                                 Steve Olcott

Correspondant  Phil Jorgensen (by appointment)


Next Promenades

July 30 1:00 PM Post 248 installation of officers

August No Promenade

September 21 8:00 PM Post 108 Promenade


Voiture Locale 265 has a 1 week timeshare going up for sale. $1,000.00 or best offer. More details to follow.


Membership total for the year into National 195