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Voiture Locale 265

Newsletter Jan-Mar 2006
Installation of Officers July 2005
Promenade Schedule 2005-2006
Newsletter Jul-Sep 2005
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Newsletter Jan-Mar 2006
Nurses' Training Fund Raiser report


Chef de Gare

I hope that everyone had a safe and happy set of holidays. It is this time of year that I personally think about those most in need. And I believe that our organization is doing what it can to help people in need.


After another defeat on the removing the term male from our Constitution and bylaws, which is directly affecting my personal strong stand in allowing any veteran into our 40/8, I am going to try a different approach. I might add that we at Voiture 265 have already written another resolution on this issue, and I will not give up on its passage freely.

I found out that one of the main reasons it is not passing is that we have not put forward the delegate strength we have coming to us. I might add that the resolution got defeated by only 2 votes again. And I want to say that after much debate, I found out that the convention voting only counts the votes of people that are there. In other words, if we are allowed 5 delegates and only one shows up, then we only get one vote. So I am pleading with all members of the 40/8 to help me on this. We need people that can afford to go to these Nationale conventions and if nothing else be there for the head count on the voting of this issue.

The great state of Maryland has a lot of influential people in the 40/8. I am asking for people to just be delegates long enough to get this resolution passed. This may or may not be the right approach, but at least I am trying to put what is right, right. And I believe that if we are to continue to survive, this needs to be done.

Again: ATTENTION MEMBERS, if there is someone out there with a better idea, please feel free to let me know. My E-mail address is Let's not let another year slip by on this.

Thank you all for your continued support.

Jim Wilson

Chef de Gare

Voiture 265

Grande du Maryland


Cabane Capers

      We have 16 paid up Dames for 2006, are you one of the 11 who have not paid yet?   If so, please send a check, payable to Cabane Locale 265 in the amount of $20 to the La Correspondante at 9320 Dogwood Park Street; Capitol Heights, MD  20743 soon.  As you know, after March 31st, you are delinquent; however, you can still pay 2006 until July - but why put it off when you can do it now!   We regret the passing of Dame Judith Morse on December 14th – our prayers are with her family during this time of loss.  Also, we regret the transfer of Dame Emma Benner to Cabane Locale 1297 on December 7th – we’ll miss you Emma, but at least you are still a part of La Societe.


Our “CERAMIC TRAIN COOKIE JAR (6-piece set)” fundraiser was very successful.  Congratulations to Fred Bevenour of VL 265 who was the lucky winner at the Voiture and Cabane’s Annual Christmas Party on December 3rd.  Merci Beaucoup to the Voyageurs and Dames for their devoted efforts in supporting our Locale.


            Our next Rendezvous will be held on January 18th at American Legion Post 268 at 8:00 p.m.


For God and Country, I remain, Yours in Service,

Linda L. Green

La Correspondante


Nurses Training






Voiture Locale 265 has a new P.O. Box


            Voiture Locale 265

            P.O.Box 1442

            Laurel, Md 20725-1442

Please send all correspondence, membership renewals, etc to this address.


Judging by my increased activities our membership renewals are coming along nicely. Let’s keep ‘em coming.

From letter to nationale to be sent in January 2006.


Previous turned in                      103

Turned in this mail                  23

To date turned in                      146


Looking for Voyageurs to take on some of our programs. Voyageur, Hero, Public Safety Officer, and City of the year are programs that are important, and will show more activity for our locale.



Up coming Promenades.


JANUARY 18 TH                   POST 268 SUPER


FEBRUARY 15 TH             POST 196


MARCH 15 TH                         CISSEL SAXON POST 41 SILVER SPRING ,MD