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Voiture Locale 265

October-December Newsletter

Installation of Officers July 2005
Promenade Schedule 2005-2006
Newsletter Jul-Sep 2005
October-December Newsletter
Newsletter Jan-Mar 2006
Nurses' Training Fund Raiser report

October - December 2005

Chef de Gare

Now that the conventions are over and everybody is in place for the new year, I guess we have to really go back to work now. Membership: All of you guys out there that renewed your dues last year, I thank you. Now we have the new cards in, its time to renew. Please, and I can't stress it enough, if you have a problem with paying because of financial burdens, or just about any reason, let me know. I will work it out.


A big thing now, more than ever, is one of our fundraiser's and that is National Disaster. I have already heard from National on this issue and this will be brought up at our Promenade. There is no doubt in my mind that this is being handled at the top by the right people. National has people located in the affected states that are coordinating this project. This way we know our money is going to the veterans and their families.


Again, thanks for your support on electing me for another year. I will do the best I can. Let's try to continue to work on the same page and have another great year.


Jim Wilson,  Chef de Gare


Cabane Capers

No article available at this time.


Promenade Schedule

9/21     CHEVERLY POST 108

10/19   WHEATON POST 268

11/16   MY MARYLAND POST 126

12/3     XMAS PARTY POST 86


1/18     POST 268 SUPER BOWL

2/15     POST 196 SUITLAND, MD

3/15     CISSEL SAXON POST 41 

3/19     COLMAR MANOR POST 131

5/17     POST 105 BETHESDA ,MD

6/21     POST 248  OXON HILL, MD

December Xmas Party from 3:00 – 6:00 PM

Bring gift for exchange ($10.00) VM-VM Dame-Dame


Nurses Training


‘Doc’ Richard Eldridge reports that VL-265 is planning to award the scholarship to a student at PG County College.  G.P.A of 3.9 – 4.0


Correspondant Corner

Our own website is up and running located at  has about 55 hits at this time.


Voyageur Militaire Michael J. Obremski has been activated and by now is in Iraq. Prayers for him and his family are appropriate.



Sent to Nationale to date 20

1 deceased, 12 life, 7 renewal, 197 for 100%

Dues for 2006 are due now.

Send your dues renewal to:


Voiture Locale 265

P.O. Box 4684

Capital Heights, Md 20791-4684